I'm Erin Taylor. This is my blog full of rants. This is not a picture blog. This is a blog that will possibly piss you off. I ruin my own chances. I'm fifteen. Talk if you really want to know anything about me, don't assume.

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A New Blog. With a New Purpose.

After a break away from tumblr I have come to a conclusion, it is not me having a blog that was bad, it was the content that was bad. I simply wrote too much about me personally, giving people things to talk about. This will be a personal blog to an extent. It is not a picture blog, believe me. It is politics, philosophy, psychology, thoughts and a bit more. I will be on there and I will discuss things just like I did on this blog, for the people that missed my intellectual ramblings (I’ve been told this actually), who missed my opinions, my brutal ideas, you can find it there. I’ve missed you all quite a bit, so please follow my new blog (it’s just starting up, may I add) if you missed my old blog, you won’t regret it.

Thank you lovelies.

My Final Tumblr Post, Goodbye.

I’ve had my Tumblr for two years, in those two years I’ve talked to so many amazing and brilliant people who in many ways I have depended on. I used this site and this blog as a diary in many ways. Some place for me to let go of my thoughts, fears, emotions. Some place where people could get to know me for who I truly am, not just what everyone wants to see or expects me to be. It worked well, until this year and especially these past few months. Tumblr as a site has changed, it is no longer a blogging site, it’s a social networking site with pretty pictures. I as a person have changed, I have matured and look at life differently then I did two years ago. My readers have changed, the majority of them are still so wonderful, yet too many familiar faces read just to find my faults and to find connections to them, when there are none. I will still write and you can still read it if you like, which leads me to my next point. As I have said, I have met and befriended so many great and lovely people on here and I don’t want to just never talk to them again. So I would highly appreciate it if you leave your name and number in my ask, if you have enjoyed reading my blog/or have talked to me in the past, I would really love that. I can no longer write my personal thoughts on the internet, looking back I wouldn’t have ever joined tumblr, except for the possibility of meeting so many wonderful people. Thank you for reading my blog, thank you for being my friends and thank you for listening and caring when no one else would.

 I love you all, goodnight.

emememers replied to your chat: Mom: Are you walking to Rachel’s? Erin: I guess,…

I love your Mom okay.

 I do too :)

mchistory replied to your chat: Mom: Are you walking to Rachel’s? Erin: I guess,…

YOu are so loved

Obviousely, that whole post was beaming with love. Literally ripping apart at the seams from all the love.

I want everyone to stop and listen.



I don’t care.

I don’t want to go to school and see people, people that just don’t like me for no reason. People that don’t know me, people that have no guts and I’m tired of having to be around people that I honestly feel horrible around half the time. I’ve always isolated myself away from people, always, mainly because the majority of people I cared about too much to lose, yet lately it’s just because I don’t want to deal with all the utter shit that people put others through. I don’t want to deal with others at all. Even more I’m tired of people knowing what goes on in my head, I’m tired of people who know me in real life following me. Not because they honestly want to know what I think, not because they honestly like reading my writing or anything like that. No, just so they can have something to talk about or so they can find reasons to dislike me. You know how much shit that is? If you’re only following me to find a reason not to like me, just unfollow. I don’t mind. I know I’m a bitch according to the majority of people and I know that I have a lot of faults, but atleast I don’t follow someone on tumblr just to take them apart.

This has been a rant.

Mom: Are you walking to Rachel's?

Erin: I guess, unless you want to drive me.

Mom: Well this may sound bad, but that's during American Idol time.

 icheesesandwichyou replied to your post: I’m probably spending the night at Rachel’s.

that’s how i feel when i sleep over my best friend’s house. i miss her ):

 Where is she?

We’ve all become

self obsessed




with no point

at all.

Is this who you want

to be?

Or is it just who

you’ve become along

the way?

You’re a mask obsessed

with your own


you’re a

lazy example

of a broken generation.

It would be lovely if some of you weren't such strangers and left your numbers in my ask.

This is how I feel about tumblr at the moment. I just reblogged someone else’s ask but I don’t mind. cantshutup.tumblr.com/ask is mine, you should all go put your #’s in non anon, if you really want to talk, I’d find that extremely amazing.

basic-lovers asked
This isn't an ask but I'm so damn happy hahahahahhahahaha I think I have a crush again and it makes me happy because I know that I'm not super dead anymore and domg i have a crush on this boy ive known since 6th grade and yeah hehehehehehehhehehehehehe you dont care but im just telling you cuz you want an aask and well her on eis, ok im not oing to back to fix those erros cu i asm so damn happy. :D

I’m happy for you Megan, I’m glad you’re happy :)

Ps, I don’t mind the errors.